Fresh, 100% Australian Goat Milk Products

CapriLac Goat Milk Products are farm fresh and 100% Australian made.


Farm fresh, natural Goat Milk from Gippsland

CapriLac Goat Milk products are made with fresh goat milk straight from our farms in Gippsland Victoria. With over 7000 goats across two farms, we are one of the largest goat milk producers in Australia. Our modern dairies are equipped to ensure our milk is always the best possible quality.

Now available in supermarkets!

The benefits of CapriLac Goat Milk Products

  • Goat Milk proteins are easily digested
  • Good for the whole family
  • Traditional, thick & creamy
  • A great substitute in many recipes

Great for the whole family

  • Great for children and babies. See our Baby Rice with Goat Milk Powder.
  • Perfect for those with dietary restrictions.
  • It’s gentle on stomachs making it the better choice for people with intolerances.

The only natural, 100% Australian Goat Milk

CapriLac Goat Milk is better. Try our products today.